Leverage disruptive technology by embracing radical change.


We focus on Research and Development in Technology Innovation.
In anticipation of the shift in the global paradigm, DARJYO an EMERGING TECHNOLOGY start-up, is accelerating the pace of the commercial sector.

We Believe: Information accelerates everything.
Our Aim: Turn everything into information—measurable and knowable —while driving growth for the African continent & South African economy by:

  • Helping clients define the right technology for their business and develop strategies to achieve them, while confirming that the company has the right capabilities and resources to make it all happen.
  • Expose them to the latest technology tools available, to enhance and grow their business.
  • Provide training to entrepreneurs and businesses who want to elevate their product or service.
We assist with accelerating technologies to organize industry in new ways to help businesses tap into the information-enabled world.

It is an era of unprecedented innovation: Bitcoin, 3D Bioprinting, Robotics, Gen AI, Neuro-marketing, Green Tech.
They change the way businesses organize and operate. Adopting any of these new technologies will force fundamental changes in how we all work.




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South Africa-EMEA.
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